Bitcoin Mining Can Be Profitable, If You Generate The Power

02 září, 2020
The New York Finger Lake Region is known for its wine and glacial formed waterways. It is a beautiful place. And it now hosts one of the largest Bitcoin mining facilities in the U.S.

Putin Outlines New Russian Crypto Rules And Banks Prepare For New Exchanges

02 září, 2020
Russia has revamped the rules of the cryptocurrency game within its borders. In short: cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, and others can be traded, but no goods and services in Russia are allowed to be priced in it. If you want to buy a house with Bitcoin, you have to sell it for rubles first.

Max Keiser explains why only gold, silver and bitcoin can save you now

02 září, 2020
During volatile market conditions, investors should be looking for assets that represent stores of value, like gold, silver, and bitcoin, this according to Max Keiser, host of the Keiser Report.

Bitcoin Miners Saw 23% Revenue Increase in August

01 září, 2020
Bitcoin miners enjoyed a 23% increase in revenue during August, driven by higher network fees from increased on-chain transaction volume as bitcoin (BTC) avoided a daily close below $11,000 throughout the entire month.